How to Buy Eyeglasses Online and Save Money

The ease and convenience of shopping online can save time and effort versus going to a physical brick-and-mortar store.

Online shopping for glasses offers you the ability to browse thousands of options and different products easily. It can be extremely convenient and done from virtually anywhere at any time. Online stores give you the ability to shop around and often offer more discounts than traditional storefronts might. 

Issues with your selected glasses not fitting right or not being the exact prescription are potential cons to buying glasses online. There are problems associated with not being able to try glasses on before buying them.

Buying glasses from an online eyewear store can end up saving you between 30 and 75 percent over eyeglass store prices. You can compare prices between multiple providers with ease, and find the best deal by doing your research.

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How to Pick Glasses for Your Face Shape

Here’s the truth about face shapes: almost nobody is a perfect heart, circle, square, or any other narrowly defined category. Most faces are a combination of a few different shapes: rounded chins and tall foreheads, angular features and tapered jaws, and so on.

Once you’ve recognized your face shape, you can find which frame shape will bring a natural balance to your face. This guide will help identify the type of glasses shape you should look at when browsing online or in store.

In order to choose properly, you first need to identify your facial features. There are 5 main categories of face shapes:

  • Square 
  • Round
  • Heart
  • Triangular
  • Oval

Progressive lenses, or no-line bifocals, are worn for the correction of Presbyopia or vision over the age of 40. Many people who require the use of a bifocal prefer progressive lenses because they give a more youthful appearance and are more functional. The lenses contain no visible line and progressively increase in strength as you move your eyes down the lenses.

All progressive lenses are not the same. They differ in price, depending on brand, size, and function. Progressive lenses must fit precisely.

Lens coatings are treatments done on lenses that help enhance their performance, durability and even appearance. To help you decide which one best suits your needs, here are some of the most common types of 

  1.  Ultraviolet (UV) Protective Coating
  2.  Blue Rays Blocking Coating
  3.  Scratch-Resistant Coating
  4.  Anti-Fog Coating
  5.  Anti-Reflective Coating
  6.  Hydrophobic & EMR treatment


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